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The nuisances of marketing your business online can be overwhelming but my job as your coach is to identify and focus on the marketing activities that will be necessary to grow your business.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Coach?

There are several good reasons to hire a coach, just as we do in other areas in your life. Sure you can workout on your own but goals are easier reached with a fitness professional with a program designed to help reach your goals.

As your Digital Marketing Coach, I use my expertise and experience to help you push through barriers that prevent you from reaching your online business goals. Many times I find that people venture off on their own and spend significant money and waste valuable time attempting to start their online business on their own. Whether that’s building their own website and not getting any traffic or sales, spending tons of dollars on Google or Facebook ads, or getting frustrated with the entire process and giving up all together.

Benefits of Hiring a Coach

  • You have an idea that you’re having trouble getting out of your head and into an online business.
  • You have an online store but don’t understand why you’re not getting sales / conversions.
  • Your business is doing well offline but your are struggling with online presence & sales.
  • Your business has a website but has little to no traffic.
  • Understanding and implementing SEO is overwhelming & mind-boggling.
  • You’ve wasted money on Paid Search and Facebook Ads and need help.

How I Can Help

Paid Search Strategy

Let’s optimize your Google AdWords campaigns to bet maximum ROI.

More Info

SEO Strategy

I’ll provide a strategy for your online business to get your content noticed on search engines.

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Shopify Store Growth

Are you just starting or struggling traffic and/or getting sales? I can help!

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Social Media Strategy

Are you maximizing the benefits of social media and using it properly it to gain visibility and acquire customers for your business?

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Sales Funnel Integration

Have you set up an automated marketing system to handle repetitive task for your business?

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Website Optimization

What good is a beautifully designed website if no one sees it? Let me help your site get the traffic and leads to grow your business.

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About Derek the Strategist

Derek is a reputable Marketing professional who has been working in the Digital Marketing space since 2008.

Whether in a corporate capacity, agency or as a consultant role, he has gained expertise in several areas of Website Design & Optimization, SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Email Marketing, and Sales Funnels.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, his coaching services are customized specifically for your needs. Regardless of the size of your business or industry, Derek can create and assist in the implementation of the most effective marketing strategy for your business with the highest ROI.

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