Entrepreneurship and Depression

The 5 Ways I Kicked Depression’s Ass

There is a study that states that up to 49% of Entrepreneurs has a mental disorder; Among them are Anxiety, ADHD, and Depression.

The good news is there are some things you can do to get yourself back before falling into the abyss.

Life as an entrepreneur can be nerve-racking. I am convinced (with no scientific evidence) that you are required to have a mental condition to desire and follow through to be a full-time entrepreneur!

The truth is, you must have the mental fortitude, determination, and pure grit in order to be successful in this life. The road to success is rarely straight; picture riding on a four-wheeler in a road filled with hills, craters, mud, curves, and straight-aways in a foreign land, with a paper map for directions.

The Rx for entrepreneurship and depression is a self-care routine. This is not optional; it is ESSENTIAL!

Here a few tips on dealing with entrepreneur and depression:

#1 Git Up, Git Out and Git Something!

Entrepreneurship and Depression - Get Out

I like spending periods alone probably because I grew up as an only child, I work in my home office 99% of the time AND I really enjoy my own company. However, if you’re feeling down, isolation can easily become an unhealthy habit.

It’s very difficult to get out and be around people when you’re not feeling your best. The natural instinct is to hide, lick your wounds and show back up when you’re healed.

To combat entrepreneurship and depression, do the opposite of what you feel. Feelings can tell lies!

Here are a few isolation buster ideas:

  • Face-to-face interaction with a friend or loved one with NO cellphones
  • Get in nature; preferably in the sun
  • Visit a local Coffee Shop and work from there for a few hours
  • Go to a workshop, seminar, or class
  • Taking a Social Media break

The more you’re isolated, the harder it will be to get back in the groove. Sometimes, even if you don’t have a personal interaction with people, being in an environment with people will help you tremendously.

#2 Push, Pull, Press, Jump and Run

Entrepreneurship and Depression - Exercise

The LAST thing you feel like doing exercising but it’s probably the most important thing you can do to relieve stress and ease your feelings.

Exercise is known is to reduce stress and improve brain function.

So go ahead, go for a run long listening to your favorite songs, go for a walk on a nature trail,  hit the gym and move that weight, go to that CrossFit class and go for a new PR, destress and heal your body in a Yoga class.

You can thank me later.

#3 Be A Foodie – Healthy Foods Only!

No Junk Food Binge Eating.

Let me say it again for the people in the back…

Entrepreneurship and Depression - healthy diet


When we are not feeling up to par, we tend to eat sugary, fattening, and/or nutrient deficient foods.

There’s nothing like sweet and salty to make you feel better (NOT). However, it’s an illusion just like how you feel when depressed.

The sweet and salty food stimulate your dopamine receptors (reward system) to give you a temporary high but a hard crash… Sound familiar?

During your down times, this is particularly NOT the time to have cheat meals or eat something that “will make me feel better.”

Feeling ‘down’ is definitely the time to eat a protein-rich, nutrient-rich (veggies) with healthy fats.

Here are just a few examples of healthy foods:

  • Proteins:            Baked/Grilled (wild caught) Fish, Baked (organic) Chicken, Tempeh, Soy
  • Healthy Carbs:   Any raw, steamed, sautéed, or baked veggies
  • Healthy Fats:     Avocados, Nuts (not peanuts)
  • Drink:                 Approximately ONE Gallon of water daily.

Click here are a few more ideas.

#4 Sit Yo Ass Down Somewhere!

Entrepreneurship and Depression - Meditation

Yeah, I said it… SIT DOWN… particularly in a relaxed position, in a quiet space.

I STRONGLY recommend meditation!

Meditation is KEY.

Regardless of what religion you follow or God you pray to, meditation is something that really helps you stay grounded and keep your mind sharp. Meditation is a time that you sit, be still, be quiet, and possibly receive instruction.

I prefer to meditate first thing very early in the morning while everything is quiet, still, and fresh. However, meditation can be done at any time. It doesn’t matter if you do it for 10 minutes or 2 hours. The point is to “Just Do It!”

It’s ok if you can only do it 2-5 minutes. You have to start somewhere and build from that place.

Meditation is a practice, not a natural skill.

Once complete, you may be surprised how smooth your day goes and the amount of inspiration received during the day.

Don’t believe me? Try it… I dare you… double-dare you!

#5 Talk to a Pro!

Entrepreneurship and Depression - Seek Professional Help

Just like you CAN style/cut your own hair, do your own nails, change the oil in your car and mow your own lawn, you can potentially self-help yourself out of your condition.

We hire professionals to save time, money, effort and simply because they specialize in the area we seek help.

When dealing with depression and/or anxiety it’s also a great idea to consider hiring a professional. A therapist can provide the accountability, a listening ear, an objective point-of-view, and a roadmap to healing. Doing that on your own would be difficult.

Don’t Allow Entrepreneurship and Depression get the best of you

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