Sometimes we create Social Media post in an attempt to be compelling, draw attention and to spark conversation. A potential drawback could be the wrong type of attention comes from a failed attempt of cleverness. For example, Dove’s advertising campaign is an example of cleverness going wrong.

While running Google Ads or Facebook Ads, do you perform any research about your target audience? On the other hand, do you sort of “guess” who you think may be interested in your product? The latter will result in tons or wasted money, low conversions, and an improper audience.

LESSON: Research, know and segment(s) your audience. Specifically the target market AND secondary market. Lastly, create your messaging accordingly.


 Captain Obvious

 Captain Obvious

Marketing 101:

The primary target market is the audience most likely to buy, and the secondary market (or future market) is the audience second most likely to buy.

Marketing segmentation is dividing your market into segments or groups. Segmenting allows you to target groups of potential customers likely to purchase their product, and tailor marketing efforts towards that group.



Here are a few tools to help you discover your audience:


Google Trends




Google Trends is tool that allows the user to view how frequently a given search term is entered into Google’s search engine. The search is relative to the site’s total search volume.


Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights allows you to understand more about your target audience and potential audience.  This is a critical tool to use before running Facebook Ads. You can also use this tool to understand who currently follows your page.


SEM Rush


SEM Rush is used typically to find keywords that are high-value and high ranking. This tool is most useful for optimizing your website and/or blog.








If you need a little help or tired of wasting advertising dollars and hours of productivity attempting to run low to non-converting ads?  Let’s talk! As your business coach, I can show you how to build and target the correct audience that are most likely interested in your product by either one-on-one coaching or via online training.