Digital Marketing Strategy & Business Coaching Services

One thing I learned in my years as a digital marketing strategist & business coach is many entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs) are brilliant but sometimes need a little push in the right direction to get their marketing on the right track.

When you hire me as your Marketing Coach, some of the tools I provide for success are:


  • A specific marketing strategy tailored to your business for growth
  • Free and discounted tools, marketing tips and tricks to make your online business more automated and efficient
  • A clear, and easy to follow action plan for accomplishing specific marketing goals
  • An accountability partner to ensure success
  • A reliable resource when getting stuck

Paid Search Strategy

Paid search is a critical piece of your digital marketing strategy. As your coach,  I help develop a specific strategy to reach your target audience. By using relevant keywords, your content has the potential to reach your potential customers before they think about buying.

SEO Strategy

Slow sales and little traffic is a reality many business owners are faced with after their website goes live. I coach my clients on how to get organic (unpaid) traffic to their website. I show clients how to change their website from a information site to a lead generator.  by using keywords, proper tags, links and other SEO tools & techniques.

Shopify Strategy

Do you have a great Shopify Store but the items are not selling other than word of mouth or a couple Social Media posts here and there? Let me show you a few tools to grow your store that includes great apps, product description tips, SEO & Paid search strategy, and how to build your email list & Social following.


Social Media Management

Need help growing your Social Medial following beyond your current friends or associates and random followers who are not likely to buy your product(s)? When you work with me, I will create an executable strategy that will target the audience that are more likely to engage with your brand and make purchases.


Email Marketing & Sales Funnel Integration

Studies show email has one of the highest conversion rates of the digital marketing platforms. Email tend to be more intimate than Social Media, simply because people actually opt in, and prefer to communicate with your brand via email.


Website Optimization

Web design is an integral and fundamental part of internet marketing because your website is your digital business card. Not only should it represent your brand and products, but it should also be optimized for online search whether it's WordPress, SquareSpace or Shopify.


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